Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination

Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination.

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Thoughts on American wealth and the definition thereof

Many say we might want to visit the definition of wealth.

The US has, and will always have unlimited wealth and natural resources. These treasures have not vanished in the ether. The land, cities, and the blood, sweat and tears of generations remain. Our nation has not diminished one iota … the only thing morphed is the corporate entity which controls this innate wealth.

The thousands of new (and unoccupied homes) Nationwide and in California and Nevada haven’t been moved to a Steven King alternate universe, they are   still with us; in all their abundance. No, the only thing to be resolved is he who controls these tangible resources…our nation’s real wealth. So…many say it may be time to separate the sharks from the minnows, i.e., the Banks and their lackeys, the U.S. Congress.

Some say it is time to take back our nation.January 1st, everybody should move to The Mall; The heart and soul of the nation. The nexus of American political identity – the sacred place where history has been made – and will be made.If we Americans stand silent, then the bad guys win – the sharks will win…along with the loss of your children’s futures.

Many say the decision is ours.

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Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination

Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination.

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Thoughts on Thailand’s political unrest

Picture yourself as an uneducated farmer down from the Isaan, full in the knowledge that your elected government was removed by a Bangkok mob. Also, possibly this is your first visit to Krungthep – in your eyes this is a golden city of opulence and excess. You might even feel a sense of despair, since your leaders have told you that this “City of Angels” was built on the backs of the poor. 

You also wonder if it is true, that great swathes of real estate in the very area you stand are worth billions of dollars. Your leaders, some who have been educated in a places called England and America, say that the elite who disenfranchised you could have years ago built a water system in the Isaan so you could bring rice to market twice a year, and have water in abundance. 

You may recall that your own daughter, who married and went to live in a town called Los Angeles, says her husband told her Los Angeles is really a desert, but the Farang ran long pipes to a river hundreds of miles away to bring water to this town called LA. You think; the Mekong River is just kilometers from our village. I know we Thais are smarter than the Farang. Why didn’t these people who stole my vote do the same for us, the Thai people? 

Some say Khun Thaksin is an evil man, but how can that be? He came to our village. He tried to help us, but they say he is bad because he bought votes. But I see all the politicians buying votes. Why do these big people hate him so much? My daughter, in this town called LA, says that is the way democracy works. You vote for the politician who will get you things. She says it’s the way the guy they call the “Terminator” got elected to the big office in California. I really like that guy Arnold …Swartser. 

Our leaders say we must keep protesting, otherwise these big people will keep stealing from the poor. My son who is in the university in Khon Kaen says the Thai people must keep struggling for democracy; otherwise nothing will change for the poor. That’s why I must protest in this “City of Angeles.” 

Our leaders say the big people say we are stupid and uneducated and that our votes are not as good as these big people. I know these people are liars and that we are all Thai people. I also know our father loves every Thai – he has said so – that is why I must stay here, even though I hate this city. It has no heart, no soul, only money and expensive cars. Our father and Lord Buddha are on my side. 

Long live our King.


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Gimme Some Truth / John Lenneon

A bit of inspirational music and thought for the coming new year / 2014 / ’cause we really do need some truth. Reflect and enjoy…

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Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination

There are no coincidences…

Many people have taken another view on this terrible political murder, and what it did to the US psyche in 1963 and echoes down through our disgrace in 1975 Saigon, and right up to the election of Ronald Reagan.

Here’s a view that absolutely proves the murder was the result of a conspiracy, if not intended, a conspiracy of benign neglect, omission, and irresponsibly at the highest levels of government of those tasked with the safety of President Kennedy.

First, anyone educated and alive in 1963 knew; as a matter of real fact, that the Old South and rightwing zealotry were in full fruition in 1963 Dallas. Then, as now, Confederate (traitor flags) flew and still fly there with impunity. To travel in an open car (preannounced) in Dallas, was just about commensurate to painting a bulls-eye on the president. I’ll answer for you; Obama in a preannounced trip in an open car anywhere in old Dixie? There’s answer one.

Two – No sealed chain of evidence – in fact physical evidence was collected on a piecemeal method. The most important murder in modern US history and even a first-year LAPD detective would call it pedestrian and inadmissible as evidence in a homicide trial. Oh – and don’t forget the mystery bullet found on a hallway gurney at Parkland Hospital.

Three – The autopsy was also done on a need to know basis, with a neophyte doctor doing the preliminary examinations. No projectile trajectories were documented and the president’s remains (before an expert examination) were spirited off to Washington – actual location is still a closed book.

Four – The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, in the bowels of the Dallas PD garage by a known mob associate who ran a go-go joint, with “take out service.” And we are to believe this bottom feeder’s patriotism was so incensed that he coincidentally arrived in a police secured area precisely at the most opportune time to silence a US Marine gone wild?

No my friends – anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of a murder investigation knows instinctively there are no coincidences in the commission of and the trail to the act of killing another human being. The Kennedy murder, were it not for the victim, could be a university study on how not to pursue a felony homicide investigation.

Thanks for reading…

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Thoughts on Nuclear Power

The question here is not the future viability of nuclear power as a prime source of energy, but rather the continuity of a sane and stable world that will be able to be a good shepherd for this genie in a jar. Many informed sources hold that nuclear power (in it’s current iteration) is a ticking radiological killer that sees man’s understanding of the nuclear timeline as folly. Folly carried to the nth degree.

To put this another way: If a given amount of Plutonium was stored in Tutankhamen’s tomb, it would have the same properties today as the day the ancient Egyptians sealed the great pyramid of Giza.

Civilizations come and go (a fact). Radionuclides persist for eons (a fact). Putting it another way, does anyone really believe that mankind, given its propensity to do harm to his fellow man by any means possible, is a trustworthy and reliable steward for this awesome power?

Many say this is a fool’s errand.

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Aboard the Starship Enterprise

The USS Starship Enterprise is in orbit over a small and insignificant planet, referred to as earth, a small type “M” planet inhabited by a primitive humanoid species. 

The story unfolds:

On the bridge of the USS Enterprise 

Captain Kirk: Sulu, what are the readings from that class M planet on the view screen?

Sulu: Ah…captain, it appears the earthlings are out of control again.

Kirk: “What is it this time?”

Sulu: “Ah…it appears the Republikons want to invoke the Ferengi Rules of Kapitalism.”

Kirk: “Locate Dr. Spock now.

Klaxon: Spock to the bridge

Spock in muted tone: Yes Captain, what is it?

Kirk: The Republikons are invoking Kolour Koded laws on this class “M” planet’s surface.

Spock: As before, these backward creatures need the Obama mind-meld.

Kirk: Yes, the Vulcan nerve touch is unnecessary. The Republikons are weak. The mind-meld will suffice.

Spock: I will beam down now captain.

Kirk: Wait Spock, we’ll go to the planet’s surface together. And Spock, bring your ethnic / skin kolour modulation kit with you.

Spock: Understood captain.


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Thoughts on Breaking Bad

As an American that went to grade school before there was a television, I’ve seen or known of just about every TV show ever produced. Since I’ve lived overseas for years I’ve also followed British and French productions. In the simplest terms; Breaking Bad is just the best TV drama ever made – no contest.

The broad scope of this show, and the multi-layered characters portrayed is stunning. It is fascinating to note that almost every personage in the story has a counterpart in real life – people that we have all met – bundled together in one stupendous collage of story telling. It well be a long time before this series is surpassed.

The best TV show EVER…

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Baby Gringo Bush Pilot with Big J.O. Circa 1970


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