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Religion and Politics

This cartoon should get The Pulitzer Prize …


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Thoughts on Religious Zoning

Thoughts on Religious Zoning Obviously, since 80% of our countrymen (Americans) believe in angels, we probably need to provide special zoned areas for people to gather to pay homage to their deities. The answer is in zoning, e.g., like auto … Continue reading

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Muslim Riots in Sydney Australia

In spite of what the Bible says, the lion will never lie down with the lamb. Hourly, the Jewish religion is blasphemed by the Arab world … yes, and do we see Jewish and Zionist gangs torching embassies, murdering and … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Mohsin Hamid)

For Westerners, especially Americans, this book is a primer on Middle Eastern discontent. It is not a story rooted in religious delusion, but rather cultural incompatibility. This soliloquy (in the first person) expands on the life of a disaffected immigrant in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Todd Akin

The forgiveness of Todd’s remark is not the issue here; it is the understanding of a man who could make such a remark. First and foremost, a person has to understand the passions that that drive a man like Todd. … Continue reading

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Sensitive man test…

Sensitive man test… If you’re a man, you’re on your own with this.  If you’re a woman remember that all the help and positive feedback you can provide is welcome, although not necessarily acknowledged. In the company of females, intercourse … Continue reading

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US Religion & Politics

To an outsider, the US seems to be a hotbed of religious and political hatred. The vitriol and animus between the Americans  is unbelievable. Many say that if the US can’t arrange to get itself into another war pretty quickly, … Continue reading

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Mr.Romney and his Temple Vows

Eventually, Mr. Romney is going to have to explain the very serious portents and consequences of his sacred oaths to the Mormon Church and his irreversible convent with the Latter Day Saints. Mr. Romney is a bishop in the Church … Continue reading

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Romney and our ‘duty’ to protect Irsael

When you distill this tripe out to Mr. Romney’s basic premise, he wants to send more American kids over to the “holey lands” to fight and die for two warring tribes who both claim some sky-god gave them title deeds … Continue reading

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