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Thoughts on the Ukraine and President Putin (2014)

The vilification of Putin does not advance the interest of anyone but the bankers and oilmen who have (had) their greedy eyes on Ukrainian resources. Also the advancement of NATO into the Russian sphere of influence was a clear and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination

There are no coincidences… Many people have taken another view on this terrible political murder, and what it did to the US psyche in 1963 and echoes down through our disgrace in 1975 Saigon, and right up to the election … Continue reading

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Aboard the Starship Enterprise

The USS Starship Enterprise is in orbit over a small and insignificant planet, referred to as earth, a small type “M” planet inhabited by a primitive humanoid species.  The story unfolds: On the bridge of the USS Enterprise  Captain Kirk: … Continue reading

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