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Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.

Thoughts on American Exceptionalism

Almost all of the Northern European nations, and including New Zealand and Australia have highly successful economies and fully embrace social progressiveness. Not the USA. Many of my conservative acquaintances hector me on exclusive attributes of the US way of … Continue reading

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The Dirty Little Secret

Here’s a dirty little secret Americans will never admit to, but the reason the US (a first world country) doesn’t have universal health care is quite simple to understand. It’s all about endemic racism and economic self interest. See, it’s … Continue reading

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On Human Bondage …

It must have been the innocence and misplaced ideals of my youth slipping through into my 2007 stream of consciousness that have made me make my anti-war Iraqi pronouncements. I forgot to face reality. This world is, and will continue … Continue reading

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Breakfast is served …

Here’s another “I learned flying from that” from your erstwhile, and very naughty Gringo Bush Pilot. The story: One stunning and beautiful Sunday morning I’m climbing out of Fallbrook Airpark (my home field) to fly up to the “Sin Fernando … Continue reading

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Observation of the US Dollar / Paper vs Silver

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Thoughts on the Ukraine and President Putin (2014)

The vilification of Putin does not advance the interest of anyone but the bankers and oilmen who have (had) their greedy eyes on Ukrainian resources. Also the advancement of NATO into the Russian sphere of influence was a clear and … Continue reading

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A Strong Clear Vision / America at its best…

This film is offered to all Americans who doubt the nation’s future and to the core values that are truly the “American Experience” Please watch – you’ll be so glad you did.   Sorry / To be re-posted as I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision.

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Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

Conspicuously absent from many of the discussions and symposiums on nuclear power is the other side of the pancake; earth resources demand. For the sake of argument let us assume we have the methods (although pie in the sky) at … Continue reading

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This cartoon should get The Pulitzer Prize …

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