Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

Conspicuously absent from many of the discussions and symposiums on nuclear power is the other side of the pancake; earth resources demand. For the sake of argument let us assume we have the methods (although pie in the sky) at this point in time, let’s say we have breeder reactors; Thorium plants; and the endless supply power from nuclear fusion. Yes, let’s pretend we have this genie in a jar and in fact have perpetual motion. The source of boundless electricity is here.

While the nuclear industries tout their unrealized dreams of “Atoms for Peace” the world population increases at a exponential rate undreamed of a 100 years ago. We are now at over 7 billion souls to feed, house, educate, and civilize. In this brave new world, much like the silly renditions of the future in the 40’s and 50’s editions of Popular Science, these “visionaries” see a world where everybody has a Toyota, a computer, a 3D TV, a single family home, and a tertiary education – Oh, and I almost forgot, food. This entire cornucopia is to be brought to you by “Freddy Kilowatt” and his carpetbag full of friendly split atoms.

The point is: the planet simply does not have the physical materials and resources to support the bio load of a human population that is projected to grow by 60% by the century’s end. So, even with a bottomless pit of electrical power, the biosphere simply cannot support the coming resource demands of such a population load. This blue orb we inhabit has a finite amount of wealth to give us – and with full knowledge of mankind’s unique inclination to covet and steal other’s wealth (war) we know the real problem is located between man’s ears, not in the magic of some futuristic nuclear power cooling pond or breeding reactor.

And please don’t forget “The Perversity of Physical Objects”


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Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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2 Responses to Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

  1. John Yarman says:

    Hi Don,

    I read your Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision. I’m interested in knowing more about your thoughts . . . the precise conclusion you would like to bring us to, along with a recommended path forward for humankind. How’s that for a challenge? I always enjoy your ideas, and I can see your gang there debating these topics. Please say “Hi” to the “poolside” gang. John

    P.S. Your choice of fonts made this pretty hard to read. The link brings the post up in a light turquoise on white. I had to cut and paste it into another document and change the font color before I could read it. No big deal, but thought I’d mention.

    • John … I apologize for my tardiness in replying. I have seriously neglected this site, but with the advent of Twitter, FB, Google +, I plan to use GBP as sub-primary publishing tool. I’ll expand on my nuke thought very soon.
      Thanks for you comments. They are much appreciated.
      Your friend,
      Don Ross

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