Thoughts on Religious Zoning

Thoughts on Religious Zoning

Obviously, since 80% of our countrymen (Americans) believe in angels, we probably need to provide special zoned areas for people to gather to pay homage to their deities.

The answer is in zoning, e.g., like auto malls, all the different dealerships grouped together; Ford dealership; Chevrolet; Volvo; et al. So, following this line of reasoning, why not set up special zones for churches, Mosques, and Clootie Wells. Sacrifice (both animal and human), including an area for smiting and burning would be allowed and encouraged. Stoning pits could be an added attraction. Additionally, special viewing arenas could be built for open competition between various deities and their acolytes. Followers of Bal, Horus, God, Yahweh, and Hale-Bopp – including Zeus and Tutankhamen could bring their absolutions to the general public’s view.

This zoning method, would be in keeping with the American promise of freedom of religion, while at the same time defend sensible Americans from these supernatural delusions that appear to be endemic to certain swathes of the impressionable American public and the unfortunates of desert tribal cultures.



About Gringo Bush Pilot

Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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