Thoughts on American Exceptionalism

Almost all of the Northern European nations, and including New Zealand and Australia have highly successful economies and fully embrace social progressiveness. Not the USA.

Many of my conservative acquaintances hector me on exclusive attributes of the US way of life and that ridiculous saw; “American Exceptionalism.” Well let’s address this so-called “Exceptionalism.”

Exceptional, in that:

  • Unlike the former Soviet Union, the US now enjoys a larger prison population than the new Russian Federation or authoritarian China.

  • Exceptional in that US can boast of an income disparity that rivals many third-world countries. On the GINI scale, we are right down with Iran and Bulgaria. (CIA World Fact book).

  • Exceptional in that it continues to maintain hundreds of military bases around the world – many whose very presence inspires anti-American hatred.

  • Exceptional in that it Is willing to waste billions of dollars in the Middle East (Iraq – Israel – Afghanistan) on the false premise of “Democracy,” but denies free healthcare for American children.

  • Exceptional in that it embraces an impotent government that has allowed corporate America to export hundreds of wealth producing jobs to sweatshop labor camps in Asia and Latin America. There is a reason Apple stock is at $600+ a share, and that AAPL has more ready cash than many sovereign nations.

  • Exceptional in that, although its own infrastructure is in disarray and decline it wastes billions supporting corrupt Middle and East Asian regimes; Examples, Iraq; Afghanistan; Israel; Pakistan, Egypt and Qatar. This, while our own cities rot in decay.

  • Exceptional in that it spends more money on the criminal justice system (including incarceration) than on education. Nationwide by a factor of ten to one from the public purse.

  • Exceptional in that on the GINI scale of unfair income distribution it ranks right down there with Iran and Bulgaria. A sink or swim mind-set.

  • Exceptional in that most of the advanced Northern European nations provide universal health care, the US stands aside on this moral issue, citing individual responsibility and that old rubric, too much government.

  • Exceptional, in spite of the fact that is (or was) the world’s leading banking and investment center and financial power, it did, by legislation, free the “dogs of greed” with the repeal of the “Glass Steagall Act” of the Thirties – leading to the financial rape of working class Americans, throwing tens-of-thousands out of hearth and home.

  • Exceptional in that it can boast the highest gun death rate of any western nation. Period. Right between the Philippines and Mexico. Eight times higher than any other industrialized nation.

  • Exceptional because, although possessing the world’s highest-ranked institutions of higher learning, only half of American graduates are finding work commensurate with their degree levels. Additionally, many are saddled with unreasonable education loans. Loans, which question the cost-benefit ratio.

  • Lastly, the American military has been consciously allowed to be degraded into a quasi-mercenary, kill for hire machine. A murder machine that no longer represents our citizen-soldier; a constitutionally mandated organization representing American values. No, today it is a financial / politically driven organization – bending to the will of unelected bankers and bureaucrats.

And my friends, this is just the short list.

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About Gringo Bush Pilot

Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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