Thoughts on Greek Debt

Austerity in this context is indentured servitude in lamb’s clothing. The Greeks, and especially their children will never be able to pay back this debt. As said before, there are two sides to this pan-cake, and the onus for the bad loans rest squarely on the backs of the greedy free enterprise bankers – The European Central Bank (ECB) and its crooked assigns. 

Oh…and please don’t tell us about the lying Greek Government. There is a basic banking rule called due diligence – and trust me, the ECB and any European with a brain would never trust a Greek. Their financial exploits are legendary. Or the phrase from Virgil; “I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts.” 

No, the Euros need to swallow this bitter fruit and chalk it up to a lesson in banking 101. Hilarious.


About Gringo Bush Pilot

Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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