Obama’s nutty ‘birther’ Detractors

The points made on some blogs are certainly disconcerting and cause for concern. However, as I recall, president Bush’s Texas National Guard records and his Yale scores were also denied public scrutiny.  

Additionally, there is also a high probability that this whole commotion may be a contrived ‘red herring’ to muddy the waters of the coming election. Many of us have to agree that this president is possibly one of the most hated chief executives in our history, outside of possibly Abraham Lincoln and FDR.  

Obama represents a signal change in the direction of the United States, both internationally and domestically. Citizens that hold opposing views are not going to go quietly into that cold night – the cold night of a downsized and lesser United States. A sad reality however, no matter who occupies the Oval Office.  

All I can say Karl is, that if Obama is in fact not native born, then he must be denied office. As it says in the Bible, no man can serve two masters. But, and I caution you – this removal; this barring; this denial of office must happen in these 90-days prior to election. Failing this, and in the face of millions of progressive and/or fanatic minority supporters and the antagonists on the right – prepare for social unrest of a magnitude not seen since Little Rock; Kent State; the Vietnam Moratorium; or the Bonus Army riots of 1932. Also, be prepared for major riots and looting in large cities with minorities of the Obama persuasion.  

Mark my words on this one Karl. If this birther thing gathers traction, we will see a Constitutional crisis of historical proportions and civil unrest unimaginable. Aurora Colorado…Sunday school compared to a last-ditch effort by the right to remove a sitting president. I hope this tar baby can be buried (either way) soon. In fact, it may be too late already.  

Notice: This post will self-destruct in 45-days


About Gringo Bush Pilot

Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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