Conservative Discontent

So are we to understand that progressives and socialists have no place in the political determination of the course that America follows? Please advise as to the constitutional amendment(s) or a Supreme Court decisions that prohibit any ___ism, and I’ll stand down, otherwise, stand aside. The ‘free market’ of Wall Street has destroyed the American dream for millions. 

Michael Savage is only half-right. He says Obama is a dictator; well business and the banks said FDR was a dictator too. FDR said on national radio that he knew they hated him and he publicly welcomed their hatred. Can you imagine Obama giving that same speech today? Hell, there’d be a wood shortage in the great swath of red states because of burning crosses.

Ever since Enron, you free-market advocates have had a free rein, and a free-ride. The party is over – you guys blew yourselves up. Obama is going to give the Republicans a shellacking they will never forget.

My condolences in advance.



About Gringo Bush Pilot

Retired process and systems manager; itinerant aviation devotee; and real estate investment loan officer. In short, an American economic refugee, retired in Asia.
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