The Dirty Little Secret

Here’s a dirty little secret Americans will never admit to, but the reason the US (a first world country) doesn’t have universal health care is quite simple to understand. It’s all about endemic racism and economic self interest.

See, it’s all rooted in the US cultural myth of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and the individual being solely responsible for his success or failure.

The point is; if the country had single payer / national health care, the the working taxpayer would be paying for health services for the underprivileged people of color, and those at the bottom of the economic spectrum – the underpaid – the underemployed working class. The economic failures.
Unlike the socially responsible European countries where if a man is out of work and in hard times, in America you are considered lazy, lacking ambition, and in fact, to blame forr your own economc hardship.

Case in point and proof of this supposition; When Ronald Reagan became governor of California, the state had the best in higher education nationwide – available at low cost to California residents. Then, with the reign of Reagan and the advent of Proposition 13, public university funding dried up and you get what you have today; college education running in the tens of thousands of dollars.

So, my friends, be aware – if you are poor, uneducated, lacking in marketable skills,and black, brown, or white with no money … in America, you are screwed..

And, if you get sick, you’ll loose everything you have worked for in the past.

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On Human Bondage …

It must have been the innocence and misplaced ideals of my youth slipping through into my 2007 stream of consciousness that have made me make my anti-war Iraqi pronouncements. I forgot to face reality. This world is, and will continue to be, a very nasty, and dangerous place,
Last evening, while cleaning out the files of one of my ancient laptops, I heard the familiar tones of a Slavic dialect coming out of the television. I try to avoid TV, but tonight my wife had been watching, and it was on some satellite special.
What I heard caught my rapt attention. It took only an instant, and my eyes were glued to the tube, as they say. A man’s voice — in a thick Slavic accent; “Ahh — the girls, they are so beautiful — sexy no? We are training them of dancing in Japanese clubs. They will make over $4000 in a month — a fortune — is that not so?
The screen pans to beautiful young Romanian girls. Doing the physical bumps and grinds that are the common denominator of bars the world over. A girl, not a week out of her 16th birthday says, “Oh yes, I will make much money. And I come home and open a shop — no?
As I tried to re-concentrate, an old crone comes on, and while denouncing the brutal life she has had to face since the fall of the Soviet Empire, says, “We are paying the price for freedom.”
It took me an instant to refocus, and then I knew what this old lady was trying to express. This continuing Middle Eastern nightmare has nothing to do with democracy or freedom, and everything to do with power and influence.
So now, I understand the U.S. Government, in its bumbling and disorganized manner, is only doing what it has to do. (Covertly or overtly) to keep our old American crones from having to sell in the bazaars, and to keep our young daughters from having to learn exotic dance, so to be better prepared for the “floating world” of the Roppongi.
If there weren’t a devil, we would have invented him.

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Breakfast is served …

Here’s another “I learned flying from that” from your erstwhile, and very naughty Gringo Bush Pilot. The story:

One stunning and beautiful Sunday morning I’m climbing out of Fallbrook Airpark (my home field) to fly up to the “Sin Fernando Valley” to sneak into my office in Encino while nobody is there. You know – a devious boss checking on the troops.
At any rate, as the quaint little village of Fallbrook passes beneath me, I smell the unmistakable aroma of fresh eggs and bacon as it comes wafting into the cockpit. My saliva glands are bursting – when my addled brain comes to the realization that breakfast is not served in the cockpit – at least, not in a pauper’s Piper.
Dimly aware that breakfast is cooking under the cowl, I do a 180 and descend to the field. With trepidation, I open the cowl – no breakfast … but on closer examination, and cleverly hidden by mama bird, is a nest with two eggs, just out of view over number one cylinder.
As I clean my kitchen, I add one more item to my pre-flight mental checklist.

Check the kitchen…

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Observation of the US Dollar / Paper vs Silver


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Thoughts on the Ukraine and President Putin (2014)

The vilification of Putin does not advance the interest of anyone but the bankers and oilmen who have (had) their greedy eyes on Ukrainian resources. Also the advancement of NATO into the Russian sphere of influence was a clear and certain provocation. Were the situation reversed, any other nation (including the US) would have done the same as President Putin. As an American, I applaud Putin in his decisive action.
Also, Americans seem to have forgotten – the NYC 9 / 11 murders were not perpetrated by Russia – it was done by plane loads of Saudis. And the Beslan Ossetia child murders (100’s) were done by Islamic Chechen zealots, not George Bush.
The United States in hated worldwide – we don’t need more enemies. Russia is and can continue to be a valuable ally in the struggle against the murderous Muslim hordes. They are common enemies to Russia and the United States. So render unto Russia what is Russia’s and to America that which is in America’s geopolitical arena.
To do otherwise is folly.

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A Strong Clear Vision / America at its best…

This film is offered to all Americans who doubt the nation’s future and to the core values that are truly the “American Experience” Please watch – you’ll be so glad you did.


Sorry / To be re-posted as I receive the documentary from other sources.

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Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision.

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Thoughts on Nuclear Power Tunnel Vision

Conspicuously absent from many of the discussions and symposiums on nuclear power is the other side of the pancake; earth resources demand. For the sake of argument let us assume we have the methods (although pie in the sky) at this point in time, let’s say we have breeder reactors; Thorium plants; and the endless supply power from nuclear fusion. Yes, let’s pretend we have this genie in a jar and in fact have perpetual motion. The source of boundless electricity is here.

While the nuclear industries tout their unrealized dreams of “Atoms for Peace” the world population increases at a exponential rate undreamed of a 100 years ago. We are now at over 7 billion souls to feed, house, educate, and civilize. In this brave new world, much like the silly renditions of the future in the 40’s and 50’s editions of Popular Science, these “visionaries” see a world where everybody has a Toyota, a computer, a 3D TV, a single family home, and a tertiary education – Oh, and I almost forgot, food. This entire cornucopia is to be brought to you by “Freddy Kilowatt” and his carpetbag full of friendly split atoms.

The point is: the planet simply does not have the physical materials and resources to support the bio load of a human population that is projected to grow by 60% by the century’s end. So, even with a bottomless pit of electrical power, the biosphere simply cannot support the coming resource demands of such a population load. This blue orb we inhabit has a finite amount of wealth to give us – and with full knowledge of mankind’s unique inclination to covet and steal other’s wealth (war) we know the real problem is located between man’s ears, not in the magic of some futuristic nuclear power cooling pond or breeding reactor.

And please don’t forget “The Perversity of Physical Objects”

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This cartoon should get The Pulitzer Prize …

Whoops - Suicide school fail

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Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination

Thoughts on the Kennedy Assassination.

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